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  • Modern aesthetics texture—candy dry granular polishing
    300-mesh dry granular starlight surface and 15°matte works together to create granular effect of starlight on the surface. When the lamplight shines down on the tile surface, it is like starts.
    Modern aesthetics style—new Chinese style
    The perfect combination of Chinese element and modern materials show “deletion of complication and luxury, painting after simplicity” to attain the temperament featuring “No words for great beauty, no shape for great form”.
  • Modern aesthetics light sensation—15°matte
    The tile surface has subtle change of light sensation when receiving irradiation of light sources with different intensity from different angles. It is elegant and natural.
    Modern aesthetics materials—dry granular star light surface
    Natural color, natural texture and natural tactile sensation repeat touching appearance of natural rock to make the effect of home Improvement higher level.
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