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  • In 2003, ANNWA was founded in Foshan, Guangdong Province, with the brand proposition as "Fashion ANNWA, Your Fashionable Life". With deep insight into lifestyles and consumer demands of younger generations, it takes advantage of intelligent technology of products, fashionable designs, humanized functions and optimal services to provide users with more youthful and fashionable life experience. It is a comprehensive bathroom ceramic tile brand of considerable strength and influence in China.

    Currently, ANNWA has ten modernized production bases in China covering a total area of more than 3.96 million square meters; it is mainly engaged in the manufacture of smart toilets, one-piece toilets, solid wood bathroom cabinets, PVC bathroom cabinets, ceramic basins, urinals, shower faucets, bathtubs, bathrooms, hardware pendants, smart air drying and related accessories and other bathroom facilities and ceramic boards, marble ceramic tiles, rustic tiles, polished tiles, decorative tiles, porcelain pieces and other ceramic tile products, with the annual production capacity 3.5 million various kinds of deluxe bathroom sanitary appliances and more than 3000 million square meters of ceramic tiles. It boasts nearly 2000 marketing outlets in China, so it is one of the typical representatives for sanitary ceramic and ceramic tile enterprises in China with a large scale, great strength and brand influence.


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    Become the home brand knowing more about young people.
    Young and fashionable bathroom and ceramic tile brand
    Learn the mentality of young people and bring young and fashionable lifestyle.
  • Youth is the symbol of backbone force in the future and has unlimited development potential, dare to break through the tradition and reform the future.
    Challenge self with practical action constantly and exhibit vigorous and upward vitality.
  • Fashionable ANNWA focuses on application and integration of fashionable elements in products and service, creates fashion with attitude, evaluate fashion with advancement and solute to fashion with young and carefree life style.
  • Every details of ANNWA product explains unbridled feeling of freedom and expresses the true unlimited feeling of freedom with the proper function design.
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    Currently, ANNWA has ten modernized production bases in China covering a total area of more than 6000 mu .

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    ANNWA developed advanced cleaning technology system independently and has multiple core technologies and product patents such as easy cleaning, super cleaning in an instant, smart washing, microcrystallite glaze, lasting as new, oxygen enrichment, easy-cleaning, watertight, etc covering all product categories of ANNWA to improve product appearance and fashionable feeling comprehensively and bring excellent products with technical innovation and fashionable design.

ANNWA Bathroom came into being, and proposed the concept of “integrated bathroom” in the industry
Independent research for "high temperature microcrystalline self-cleaning glaze" and was awarded the title of the national quality integrity demonstration enterprise
Log on CCTV, CNR and other media. ANNWA Bathroom broke through 1000 franchise stores in China
ANNWA “inclination” Niagara series obtained 2009 China Innovative Design 
The originally designed products in the “rose red” series were awarded the “Prize for Kapok Best of the Best”
Multiple toilets and faucets won “Quality Product” award and determine the status in the Industry.
Multiple products are awarded “INNOVATIVE China Design Award · Product Design Award” in consecutive years since 2016.
With independent research and development “Fragrance” technology, there were up to 2000 franchise stores of ANNWA Bathroom across the country
ANNWA Bathroom VI was upgraded in a brand new manner
ANNWA Bathroom 9.15 general manager service day, and the first ANNWA brand IP came into being
ANNWA Bathroom was awarded "first choice supplier for Top 500 real estate development enterprises in China for 2019"
ANNWA Bathroom brand was upgraded to "Fashion ANNWA, Your Fashionable Life".
ANNWA Ceramic Tile’s “marble ceramic tiles” came into being
ANNWA Ceramic Tile’s first launch moved Service 365

ANNWA Ceramic Tile introduced manufacturing equipment from Italy as well as six state-of-the-art manufacturing processes

ANNWA Ceramic Tile first launched one marble Nth surface technology and succeeded in the application for “National Appearance Patent”
ANNWA Ceramic Tiles
45° Soft light appeared
ANNWA Ceramic Tiles were awarded the title of "frontline ceramic brand" and "gold prize for marble ceramic tile products".
ANNWA Ceramic Tiles passed strict evaluation of China Hotel Association and were awarded
"The most popular Ceramic Tile brand in Chinese hotel industry in 2014".
CCTV Great Originality Program of CCTV record channel entered
ANNWA's workshop
ANNWA Marble Ceramic Tiles popularization storm and Marble Ceramic Tiles culture Festival was performed nationwide to pass on the brand concept “let family members live better”.
ANNWA Ceramic Tile was invited to be involved in drafting “National Standards for Marble Ceramic Tiles
Elegant gray became an international trend; The ANNWA ceramic tiles in Smith elegant gray were launched on the market globally.
ANNWA ceramic tiles together with authorities and famous media established Institute of modern aesthetics
The offline conference of ANNWA Ceramic Tile Aesthetics Guide for New Middle-Class Life was held solemnly.


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