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Bathroom tendency win-win cooperation

Established in 2003, ANNWA was founded in 2003 and specializes in manufacturing high quality bathroom, ceramic tiles and supporting products and has powerful strength foundation and differentiated product advantages as well as all-around policy support to create different marketing mode for you, provide systematic training and guide with respect to production & research, marketing policy, service, brand promotion, etc. ANNWA attracts alliance business throughout the country and invitee you to join the blank market.

ANNWA will be ready to create a win-win situation and beautiful prospect with you in  the future.

Insight of the tendency create a win-win future jointly
  • 01
    Support for outlet design and decoration guide
    ANNWA Company has professional designers who provide one-to-one storefront design and onsite guide for decoration to create consistency and peculiarity of franchise stores and create features of the storefront.
  • 02
    Support for decoration subsidy of storefront
    In order to guide the cooperative partners to play their parts, the company will give the support of decoration subsidy to storefronts that meet the standard requirement and start the brand operation mode for the cooperative partners quickly and professionally.
  • 03
    Support for operation of storefronts
    The company carries out patrolling inspection and supervision during the whole process for the joining storefronts and provides professional, necessary knowledge guide and training to store head and employees. The company headquarters will formulate training courses for different positions for terminal storefronts regularly to protect the sales of terminal outlets.
  • 04
    Price support system
    For engineering projects and promotional activities, report may be applied to the company separately and the company will provide price policy support according to concrete condition.
  • 05
    Activities planning support
    The company has professional planning team. Large nodes will formulate corresponding activities’ scheme every year. The company will also send personnel to support daily alliance and activities of storefronts.
  • 06
    Sale materials support
    The company will provide product manual, publicity materials for business starting and activities to every alliance business.
  • 07
    Media publicity support
    The company will provide systematic brand publicity support to every alliance business. The advertisement putting of national media will create large momentum to the alliance business. The company will carry out comprehensive media promotion with mandatory advertising, news media, network media, etc and provide all supporting publicity resources.
  • 08
    Regional protection support
    The regional market enjoys administrative region management and right of management so that the rights and interests of partners are guaranteed.
Merchants contact methods of all regions throughout the country
Contact phone: 86-0757-88620528
  • Geng Fayang,the sale director of South China
  • Guo Liang, the sale director of East China
  • Li Wenliang, the sale director of Southwest
  • Gao Ju, the sale director of Northwest
      Ceramic tiles
  • Deng Tao, the sale director
  • Customer service phone: 86-400-1066-828
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Wealth win-win,
joining condition
  • 01
    Good communication skill, with modern entrepreneurial enthusiasm and modern marketing consciousness
  • 02
    Having some experience relevant to building materials and home and other Industries.
  • 03
    Strong local interpersonal connections and powerful capital strength.
  • 04
    Understand local market and having strong market development and operating capability.
  • 05
    Acknowledge enterprise culture of ANNWA and promise to comply with all types of regulations and rules of Chinese market operation. Promise to obey laws and discipline.
  • 06
    Well-deserved reputation and professional dedication
  • 07
    Well-deserved reputation and professional dedication
  • 08
    Ready to put oneself into development of ANNWA and follow the development step of headquarters of ANNWA Company closely; welcome the personnel aspiring to development of building materials Industry to join ANNWA family to seek development and win-win situation.


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