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  • Convenient side key, easy to operate and understand.

  • Prevent crossing infection of the nozzle

  • Super large display screen, fashionable, information clear at a glance.

  • Super thin smart cover plate design, the entirety is precise and flexible.

  • Wash with active and hot water, the water quality is pure and hygienic.

  • Washing with cold and hot water alternately can stimulate the contraction of circumanal sphincter to help defecate. This is good news for patients with constipation. Self-cleaning of the nozzle can prevent crossing infection of the nozzle.

Fashionable appearance, the entirety is precise and flexible. The design of smart cover plate facilitates operation to enjoy comforts.

  • LCD display

  • Comfortable seat ring

  • Self-cleaning of the nozzle

  • Hot water flows out instantly.

  • Side keys

  • Cold and hot massage

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