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Smart Toilet Ruixi W9
product description:
Basic functions: Self-cleaning of the nozzle, bidet, buttocks washing, drying, seat touching induction, automatic washing, seat ring heating, one-key operation, deodorization starting, soft lighting, flush without power, saving function.
1. Seat detection: when using the seat detection switch on toilet seat, the “wash defecation”, “bidet” and “drying” function cannot start unless people are detected on the seat. When the person leaves, above functions are closed automatically.
2. Drying fan detection: when the system enters the drying mode, it detects fan state automatically to prevent it from “dry burning” without wind so as to protect the drying and heating wire and extend the life.
3. Prevent low temperature scald: after the users set seat ring temperature gears, when people are seated, the ring temperature will drop to the lowest gear automatically; after leaving the seat, the seat ring temperature return to the temperature set by the user.
4. Automatic flush: when it is over 10 seconds after people are seated and leave the seat, the flushing switch on the ceramic body will open once automatically.
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