Bathroom Cabinet Series
Bathroom Cabinet Nike series N1P10G07
Model:N1P10G07Specification:Main cabinet: 943x474x750nn
mirror cabinet: 930x720x120mm
wash basin:1005x475x225mm
product description:
1.High imaging mirror: quality silver mirror, thickened clad layer, the image is clear and does not deform.
2.High temperature ceramic basin: Ceramic wash basin is white as jade. The smooth glaze is easy to clean and does not maintain dirt easily. Rounding treatment for corners is safe and considerate.
3.Quality sheet materials: well-chosen PVC materials, waterproof and damp-roof, not get crack, convenient to clean, stable and durable.
4.Handle design: simple handle carries forward the classics. Beautiful and decent to match with all fashions.
5.Powerful storage: double drawers allow large storage and powerful storage function. More convenient to place articles and yield higher utility rate of space. The three-layer three-dimensional mirror cabinet can store articles. The articles are placed in good order; convenient and quick.
6.Quality accessories: the drawer adopts plastic U-shape trough to resist water and dampness. The mirror door adopts buffering door hinge, quiet guide rail to enable flexible and quiet opening and closing.
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