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Smart Toilet Wisdom i11Y
product description:
Basic functions: Self-cleaning of the nozzle, bidet, buttocks washing, cold and hot massage, drying, seat touching induction, automatic washing, seat ring heating, one-key operation, deodorization starting, soft lighting, flush without power, saving function.
1.Super thin smart cover plate design, the entirety is precise and flexible.
2.Super large display screen, information clear at a glance.
3.Convenient side key, convenient and easy to understand.
4.Instant hot frequency conversion technology; wash with active and hot water, the water quality is more pure and sanitary.
5.Self-cleaning of the nozzle prevents crossing infection of the nozzle.
6.Hot and cold massage: Washing with cold and hot water alternately can stimulate the contraction of circumanal sphincter to help defecate. This is the good news for patients with constipation.
7.Voice control function; “Xiaoan” smart voice interaction responds upon the voice at your will.
8.Soft night lamp with automatic induction makes it comfortable to go to the toilet at night. The night lamp goes on after cover flip upon induction. It goes off automatically after the cover closes.
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